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Seva Dal - The True Nation Builders

Congress Seva Dal is the grassroots frontal organisation of Indian National Congress. The organisation has a chapter in all the states and union territories of the India and is present in over 700+ districts today.

Modelled on the principles of truth and non-violence of  Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress Seva Dal’s foundation of patriotism is based on secularism, tolerance and pluralism. Its emphasis is  on nation building and of service to the country.  The main aim is to spread message of peace, secularism and patriotism for which Indian National Congress has always fought and stood for.

Seva Dal is known for its discipline and passion, which is reflected in its organisational fabric and method of operation. Headed by its Chief Organiser, Shri Lalji Desai, Seva Dal has various wings including children, Youth, Men and Women focused on initiatives for Community Service, Nation Building and Leadership building.v

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