“Our main aim is to regain the honour and self-respect of the Seva Dal and turn it into an organisation to help in national building and in service of the nation. Our main purpose will be to spread the message of peace and secularism that the Congress stands for. We plan to rope in volunteers in every village and town of the country,” – Sri Lalji Desai, Chief Organiser

Nation Building Services

Jhanda (flag) Satyagrah

In the past, Flag Satyagraha (: झंडा सत्याग्रह) was a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience during the Indian independence movement that focused on exercising the right and freedom to hoist the nationalist flag and challenge the legitimacy of the British Rule in India through the defiance of laws prohibiting the hoisting of nationalist flags and restricting civil freedoms. Flag Satyagrahas were conducted most notably in the city of Nagpur in 1923 but also in many other parts of India.

SevaDal will continue with the tradition of Jhanda Satyagrah . The Jhanda Satyagrah campaign will be repeated in all districts and cities of the country, on last Sunday of each month,  to tell people about the difference between bhagwa (saffron) flag and the tricolour. This will happen simultaneously in atleast 1000 districts and cities in India.

Community Services

Tree Plantation Drive
Seva Dal volunteers celebrate various milestones in the party with a tree plantation drive ensuring that environment activism is a key deliverable. Each tree plantation drive is carefully planned after a lot of research into what tree species will thrive best and emphasis is given on fruit bearing trees like mango,  guava, and jamun.

Blood Donation Drive

Atleast once a year Seva Dal volunteers will organise  blood donation camps across all districts of India and publish a directory of blood donors and distribute it so that if any person needs blood then he or she may be able to contact the donor 


Seva Dal will provide a web platform for people that need assistance to be able to post their requirements on www.SevaVolunteers.Org. Their legitimate requirements will be responded to by Seva Dal volunteers who are able to assist them on their needs.

Disaster Relief

Seva Dal  volunteers will  help communities across the country prepare, respond, and recover from natural and other disasters.  Seva Dal will have programs that have a heightened focus and commitment to disaster response and recovery. Our volunteers will engage in activities and trainings year-round, will be a nationally deployable resource, and will be recognized in the emergency management community as leaders in volunteer management.

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